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Bureaucracy and limited electrical production leaves many of Congo's citizens without power for long periods of time day and night. A significant number of people, including the family of Heart and Soul Records Founder Hugo Kafumbi, still use candles at night and have access to electricity at unpredictable hours during the day. 

The sun and the wind, however, are alway in abundance. Heart and Soul Records in in the planning stages of developing an energy initiative that would fund the installation and, ideally, eventually the production of solar panels for individual homes in Congo. Independence and self-sufficiency make the people strong, and the ability to provide one's own power is nothing if not a step in those directions. In the face of an inconsistent bureaucratic infrastructure the only solution is to encourage self-reliance. 

Heart and Soul Records will have a project plan for Heart and Soul Energy in early 2017, and will begin to accept donations to make this plan a reality for the people of Congo. For now, please buy Free Congo to help us move towards our goal.