At birth, children sometimes require a brief stay on an oxygen machine to help them start to breath. Because of funding shortages in Congolese hospitals, this oxygen costs 1000 CDF (1 USD) for families whose children need it. When the family is unable to pay, as is often the case, the children are left to die. Dr. Daniel Ngoi Kisisi often pays out of his own pocket so that families who are unable to afford the 1000 CDF can see their children live. This is not uncommon for Congolese doctors, who take their Hippocratic oath seriously enough to cover these costs themselves, despite not being paid well enough to be able to afford it. 

Heart and Soul Records wants to help Dr. Kisisi and his colleagues to give babies access to these simple treatments that can save their lives, and in so doing bringing down the infant mortality rate. Congolese culture is rich in music and art, and we believe that each child lost could be a contributor to the cultural lexicon, could be another doctor, could be a humanitarian who helps improve the stead of their troubled country. 

Once we have a donations page, we will accept donations that can be earmarked for spending at Congolese hospitals. Until then help by buying Free Congo on iTunes so we can help Dr. Kisisi and his colleagues save more lives.