Hugo Kafumbi founded Heart and Soul Records in 2015 with the intention of creating a record label dedicated to producing music that connects and uplifts people across the world. His latest creations blend the spirit and truth of Congolese music with contemporary genres. In Congo, music is the lifeblood of the people. Rhythm, harmony, verse, dance, contain the rich histories of those who have inhabited Congo from time immemorial. It is past, present, and future expressed as a feeling. It is these roots that give Hugo's music its rare clarity of purpose: all stories lead home.

Born in Lubumbashi, in Congo's eastern province of Katanga, Hugo's life begins immersed in music. He learned to sing in the church his father founded, and eventually took inspiration from the lyricism and truth of hip hop music. Adopted from the Congo at the age of 14, Hugo learned English, but was quickly abandoned and did not receive the education he had been promised. This lesson taught Hugo to fend for himself, and he hustled his way to Canada dedicated to sharing his story and providing for his family back in Congo. Heart and Soul Records is part of the culmination of the first stage of Hugo's musical journey. Music that has heart and soul shares a truthful message from a place of humble authenticity.

Congo has long suffered instability and violence. It is part of Hugo's mission to share the story of his nation, and to remind people that in even the most extreme conditions hope, life, and spirit can make the impossible possible for those who believe in themselves while giving themselves to others. His music is for the people of the Congo, and peoples around the world in need of a voice. 

His music includes collaborations with artists across Europe, North America, and Africa. He is currently in residence at the Heart and Soul Records Studio in Vancouver, Canada.